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Next year I will officially become a “cyborg”. For those of you who are close to me know I suffer from severe chronic migraines, the worst kind there is. I have tried so many treatments from acupuncture to Botox and nothing really helped my case, so for a drastic case, a drastic option will be applied, meaning I’m having a Neuro Electrical Peripheral Nerve Stimulator surgically implanted as seen in the pic. This technique involves both occipital and supraorbital nerve stimulation and was documented to be successful in more than 80% of patients suffering from chronic migraines. It will deliver mild electrical pulses to my nerves for pain management. In the meantime I will be using the Cefaly headband for pain management as well until I get the pacemaker implanted. I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was 6 and it has taken a toll on me, It keeps me from enjoying many things in my life and I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. I can’t focus, concentrate, study, work, etc. Fingers crossed and this will be the end of most attacks I get. #TENS #neurostimulator #FUmigraines #Cefaly #headband #belgian #technology #cyborg #transhuman #posthuman #migrainesufferer #mechanical #partmachine

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You’ll be given love, you’ll be taken care of.You’ll be given love, you have to trust it. Maybe not from the sources you have poured yours. Maybe not from the directions you are staring at. Trust your head around, it’s all around you All is full of love, all around you ❤️ #robotlove #allisfulloflove #transcend #evolve #posthuman #transhuman #bionic #robots #loveisblind #bjork #iceland

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