Monthly Archives: February 2015

Week 6 recap

Unfortunalty, on Tuesday I came down with a really bad virus/bug? which pretty much left me in bed all week hence my little contribtion to the blog. ¬†I did however still manage to dip in and out of the Audio Recording Techniques MOOC in the moments I had enough energy to make sense of it all. I now feel as… Read more →

Kozinets “Types of online community participation” – in Gif format

As Kozinets makes some assumptions around 4 different types of online community participation, ¬†I thought I would find a suitable Gif for each identity using a fun interactive website called Giphy. Devotee – Main focus around the¬†activity in a generally isolated manner. ¬†Dedication to the craft¬†as consumption increases.   Insider – Strong social ties and high consumption, a crucial figure… Read more →

Week 5 Recap

I have used my lifestream this week to share some useful concepts around digital ethnography and formulate my focus when analysing participant behaviour within my MOOC in the coming week. ¬†I stumbled upon a very interesting academic article on¬†Modelling and Analysis of User Behaviour in Online Communities¬†which conceptualised ideas around traits and trends in online behaviour. Understanding the differences between… Read more →

Working towards a focus

The¬†initial focus for my digital¬†ethnography was to analyse how participant behaviour changes when the tutor is present within the feed. ¬†However, after getting further into the forum discussions,¬†a more interesting angle might be particpants (who are new to online learning platforms) feel the need to vent their unease ¬†in the forums. ¬†I have found a couple of¬†intriguing¬†comments from novice MOOC… Read more →

Initial digital ethnography ideas

Some key questions are beginning to emerge around my digital ethnography such as what is the main focus of the study? ¬†My inital thoughts were something around the idea of how participant behaviour changes when¬†the course tutor is part of the thread,¬†do participants become more accomodating to others in¬†a bid to¬†impress the tutor?, does the appearance of the tutor within… Read more →