Final week lifestream review

Over the final week I spent a large proportion of my time devoted to analysing the Tweetorial and trying to figure out exactly what the results tell us.  The various graph and statistics present a small proportion of the impact the event had on individual learners.  Yes we can see top tweeters, key words and various other pieces of information; however it doesn’t show us the impact on a holistic level, that is saved for individual blogs and reflection.  The question surrounding whether or not the more ‘Big Data’ the better is still up for debate, however I came to the conclusion that it is more crucial to act upon the data rather than simply take it for what it is.  Also, from the Google Hangout discussion, we realised that a lot of the facts and statistics actually we false and represented the Tweetorial in the wrong way.

I also had a play around with ‘Delicious’ in adding useful links and articles to my blog.  I have always been a fan of social bookmarking for generating reading lists for learners and I really liked the simplicity of adding links via this method.  

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