Ideas for Final Assignment

Over the last 10 weeks I have been on an incredible journey through Cyber Punk culure, Learning Analytics and Algorithms (to name a few), and I have warmed to each area as the weeks have gone by. Deciding a topic for my final assignment is proving a little difficult as there are so many areas I wish to explore further, however I have managed to consolidate my thoughts into these 3 (possible) suggestions;

Idea 1 – Evolution of Cyber Punk Culture: Document the development of the genre and how it impacts on modern day popular culutre.  Has it evolved into something different as our relationship with technology changes?  I was thinking of doing this as a photostory, however the images may prove difficult to obtain unless I can use existing images and reference them accordingly.

Idea 2 – Offline Algorithms: Create a video showing how we rely on algorithms not just in the online world, but to help guide us through the offline world and make suggestions and recommendations.

Idea 3 – Playlists v Algorithms: Discuss the rise of the personal playlist as opposed to the spontinanity of the algorithm as well as the cross over between them.  Use Spotify and Youtube as research areas and document my findings in a web essay.

These ideas are intial thoughts to get the ideas flowing but any suggestions would be useful 😉

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