Monthly Archives: March 2015

Week 9 lifestream review

This week gave me chance to delve into ideas around ‘Big Data’, ‘Data-Mining’ and learning analytics.  Hearing the term ‘Big Data’ at various meetings over the last year, I realised that the focus was always on the data itself, rather than the methods used to ‘mine’ it.  We know that detailed analytics gives us further understanding of a learner’s progress, but… Read more →

Week 8 Lifestream review

Reading through the Knox (2014) paper, the prominent idea seemed to be a ‘shift in control’ when creating resources for learners.  It wasn’t long ago that tutors would keep total control over their ‘home (institutional) made’ resources, but now thanks to the possibilities online learning can offer, there is a large emphasis on ‘sharing good practice’ as well as ideas and resources.… Read more →