Monthly Archives: March 2015


Youtube algorithms

As a keen lover of Youtube for educational and entertainment purposes, I have often wondered why certain videos appear in the ‘channels you might like’ section.  Both myself and my daugther share the same Youtube account so there is generally a mix of music (my personal favourites), Minecraft (Stampylonghead) and Mario (my daughter loves Mario!) videos on the homepage along with… Read more →

Its not that I dont like Lamborghini’s, I just cant afford one……

After discoving some interesting ideas around algorithms from Christian Sandvig, I decided to investigate my own Google Ad suggestions.  The list was probably 95% correct in terms of its suggestions, however there was some perciliar additions such as; Dating & Personals (I’m married so Im guessing it must be my wife) Chevrolet Lamborghini Astronomy Quite a scary reveal seeing all of your interests… Read more →

Week 7 Lifestream review

The majority of this week was devoted to my digital ethnography and discussions around support within MOOCs. It was also great to see other participants ethnographies as well as their findings.  I especially enjoyed PJ’s snapshot around Scandanvian Cinema and Ed’s visually pleasing ethnographic artifact. The questions emerging from my own ethnographic got me thinking about the different types of MOOC participant… Read more →