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EDC Final Summary

12 Weeks ago I stepped into the world of ‘Digital Cultures’ not really knowing what to expect.  However, after travelling through posthumanism ideologies, digital ethnographies, learning analytics and algorithmic cultures, I can safely say as the weeks have gone by my interest has never wavered.  Each new week provided a fresh topic (normally something I knew little about to begin… Read more →

Ideas for Final Assignment

Over the last 10 weeks I have been on an incredible journey through Cyber Punk culure, Learning Analytics and Algorithms (to name a few), and I have warmed to each area as the weeks have gone by. Deciding a topic for my final assignment is proving a little difficult as there are so many areas I wish to explore further, however… Read more →

Final week lifestream review

Over the final week I spent a large proportion of my time devoted to analysing the Tweetorial and trying to figure out exactly what the results tell us.  The various graph and statistics present a small proportion of the impact the event had on individual learners.  Yes we can see top tweeters, key words and various other pieces of information;… Read more →

Tweetorial Reflections

As a Level 2 Professional Tweet Paladin (according to Tweetails.com), the Tweetorial was an ideal opportunity to see how else Twitter can be used in an educational context.  In the past I have discussed ideas around using Twitter as a feedback tool, but the concept of a ‘Tweetorial’ was a new one to me.  I generally use Twitter for the content it delivers… Read more →

Week 9 lifestream review

This week gave me chance to delve into ideas around ‘Big Data’, ‘Data-Mining’ and learning analytics.  Hearing the term ‘Big Data’ at various meetings over the last year, I realised that the focus was always on the data itself, rather than the methods used to ‘mine’ it.  We know that detailed analytics gives us further understanding of a learner’s progress, but… Read more →