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Week 5 Recap

I have used my lifestream this week to share some useful concepts around digital ethnography and formulate my focus when analysing participant behaviour within my MOOC in the coming week.  I stumbled upon a very interesting academic article on Modelling and Analysis of User Behaviour in Online Communities which conceptualised ideas around traits and trends in online behaviour. Understanding the differences between… Read more →

Working towards a focus

The initial focus for my digital ethnography was to analyse how participant behaviour changes when the tutor is present within the feed.  However, after getting further into the forum discussions, a more interesting angle might be particpants (who are new to online learning platforms) feel the need to vent their unease  in the forums.  I have found a couple of intriguing comments from novice MOOC… Read more →

Initial digital ethnography ideas

Some key questions are beginning to emerge around my digital ethnography such as what is the main focus of the study?  My inital thoughts were something around the idea of how participant behaviour changes when the course tutor is part of the thread, do participants become more accomodating to others in a bid to impress the tutor?, does the appearance of the tutor within… Read more →


Week 4 recap

Over the last week, I have been focusing my attention on Digital Ethnography including different ideas and methodologies associated with the area.  Knowing little about the concept of ‘ethnography’ at the beginning of last week, I was able to research various methods of analysing online cultures, from the early days of the web to todays communication era and see how the process has developed.… Read more →