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Week 7 Lifestream review

The majority of this week was devoted to my digital ethnography and discussions around support within MOOCs. It was also great to see other participants ethnographies as well as their findings.  I especially enjoyed PJ’s snapshot around Scandanvian Cinema and Ed’s visually pleasing ethnographic artifact. The questions emerging from my own ethnographic got me thinking about the different types of MOOC participant… Read more →

Week 6 recap

Unfortunalty, on Tuesday I came down with a really bad virus/bug? which pretty much left me in bed all week hence my little contribtion to the blog.  I did however still manage to dip in and out of the Audio Recording Techniques MOOC in the moments I had enough energy to make sense of it all. I now feel as… Read more →

Kozinets “Types of online community participation” – in Gif format

As Kozinets makes some assumptions around 4 different types of online community participation,  I thought I would find a suitable Gif for each identity using a fun interactive website called Giphy. Devotee – Main focus around the activity in a generally isolated manner.  Dedication to the craft as consumption increases.   Insider – Strong social ties and high consumption, a crucial figure… Read more →


MOOCs and Digital Ethnography ideas

After dipping in various MOOC offerings, I ended up choosing the EdX Vocal Recording Technology course delivered by Berkeley University in a bid to pick up a few singing pointers whilst conducting my digital ethnography.    Having participating in a few MOOCs from a learner pespective, it will be interesting to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and observe participant behaviour.… Read more →