EDC tutorials – sign up in Moodle!

We’ve now re-worked the Google Hangout tutorial sign-ups in Moodle, so please go ahead and choose which times would suit you best. You need to attend three tutorials in total, one in each of the following weeks:

week 3
week 5
week 10

We are offering morning and evening sessions in each week to try to fit as many timezones as possible, so hopefully you can find a time that suits.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you email Jeremy and Sian a link to your G+ profile page, so that we can get you linked into the hangout session that you’ve chosen (sian.bayne@ed.ac.uk; jeremy.knox@ed.ac.uk).

Week 3 dawns: our last of block 1

Week 3 in sugarWe’re coming towards the end of our first block of study now, before we move onto the MOOC ethnography work next week. A few things to take note of at this point:

Hangout signups Please sign up for a tutorial hangout in each of weeks 3, 5 and 10 using the Moodle polls here:

week 3
week 5
week 10

Just to make it clear: you need to sign up for 3 tutorials in total – one for each block of study. We are offering morning and evening ones in each week to try to fit as many timezones as possible.

Digital artefact At the end of this week (by Sunday) you should have created an online representation of one or more of the themes covered during this block,  using visual methods only. This might be in the form of a composite image, a YouTube video, a Flickr photostream or some other medium of your own invention. This artefact should be reviewable by peers and must feed into your lifestream-blog. Take a look at the information here to get a sense of what needs to be done, and to link to some previous examples.

This week’s tutorial In the hangout tutorials this week we’ll discuss the ideas we’ve been working with in the film festival, and focus on applying them specifically to our field of digital education. Please make sure you email Jeremy and Sian a link to your G+ profile page, so that we can get you linked into the hangout session that you’ve chosen (sian.bayne@ed.ac.uk; jeremy.knox@ed.ac.uk). Hangouts this week are offered at either Thursday 29th January: 8pm or Friday 30 Jan: 10am – sign up using the Moodle poll above.

Week 2 is swiftly drawing to a close…


…but there is still plenty of time to continue with the film festival, and suggest further clips through your blog or on Twitter (#mscedc). Thanks to everyone who came along to our Togethertube synchronous sessions, and contributed such fantastic readings of our selected scenes.

As we transition into week 3, it will be a good idea to try and gather your thoughts and interpretations from the films, and start to build further feeds and blog posts around these topics. How might the three themes ‘memory’, ‘machine sentience’ and ‘almost human’ relate to cyberculture more generally, as discussed in the Miller (2011) chapter, and crucially digital education itself, as discussed in Bayne (2014)?

In week 3 we will host our first Google Hangout, where we can get together and discuss the block 1 themes. Please go to the Moodle poll and choose which hangouts you would prefer to attend. There are two options in each of the hangout weeks (3, 5 and 10), so you only need to choose one for each of those weeks. Link to the poll here.

The lifestreams are looking great, keep it up! Your feeds should serve as a record of your activity across multiple social media spaces, so don’t just rely on the Twitter feed. Use IFTTT to set up multiple feeds from the different spaces you visit; for example YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicious bookmarking. There is a lot you can do with IFTTT – get in touch with Jeremy if you need a few pointers or help with feeds.

Remember to round up week 2 with a lifestream summary blog post. This should be a summary of your lifestream content, rather than a general summary of the week. We’re looking for reflections on the specific feed items you have added, what motivated you to add them, why they might be relevant to the course themes, and how they have contributed to your understanding of cybercultures and digital education.

Have a great weekend!

Film festival tutorial 2: here’s the room

pink flag




Our tutorial this morning will be on Togethertube at this link:


As a reminder, it’s at 10am UK time for about an hour, and we’re going to watch these films:

We only attack ourselves – 3.5 mins
Stop Dave, I’m afraid (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) – 2.5 mins
– 6 mins

Looking forward to chatting shortly!

Week 2: let the film festival continue!


It’s week 2, and the second week of our Education and Digital Cultures film festival! It has been great to see the responses on Twitter so far, including lots of fantastic references, comments and some excellent additional clips. Keep this up, our #mscedc hashtag is proving to be a superb resource for our continued explorations of digital cultures!

Once again, we’ll be hosting a Togethertube tutorial, this time towards the end of the week: Tutorial 2 is on Friday 23rd January, 10am UK time. Link to the films here and see what we have lined up for the tutorial. If you can’t make that time, do try to watch all of the films and respond in your blog or on Twitter.

The lifestream blogs are looking fantastic already, so please do continue adding different feeds this week, and exploring each other’s blog spaces. Commenting on each other’s posts is our primary way of engaging in discussion in this course, so we recommend including this in your weekly routine. Also remember that you need to write a summary of your lifestream content at the end of each week (please give this a subject line like “week 1 summary” or similar), reflecting on how it expresses and builds on the course themes, readings and activities. Unlike your blogs in IDEL, your lifestreams should play with fragments as well as longer text-based entries, and you should be looking to add either a feed item or written post every couple of days.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


week 1 done quiltA quick note on the lifestream-blogs as we come towards the end of our first week. I’ve been really enjoying going over them this week, and it’s great to see that they are pretty much all set up and pulling in interesting feeds.

Some general guidance on the building of the lifestreams that comes to mind:

  1. it’d be good to pull in a range of feeds, so if yours is primarily drawing in tweets, for example, you may want to look at how you can diversify it a bit
  2. it’s also great where people are making substantive blog postings on the course content too – a good strategy at this point is to plan to blog a couple of times a week (even if briefly) and then tweet the link to #mscedc so that others can see your post and comment on it
  3. related to that – if you could take a bit of time during the week to look at other people’s posts and make the odd comment, that would really help build the course community – this can be more of a challenge in a discussion board-free course like this, but when it works, it works really well!

Finally, please remember that part of the assessment requirement for this course is to write an end of week lifestream ‘reflection’ post – quoting from the course guide (page 10):

In addition, we ask you to make a blog posting at the end of every week which makes a statement about the lifestream-blog content for that week. This does not have to be long, and shouldn’t be more than 250 words, but it should itself form part of your WordPress lifestream-blog. Rather than reflecting directly on the course content (as you did in IDEL, for example), the purpose of these weekly postings is to synthesise and review the content of your lifestream. It is expected that each summary post will contain references to the content from that week.

So please make some time to do this before the end of Sunday, and have a great weekend.

Welcome to the first Togethertube tutorial


As part of our block 1 film festival, we’re hosting the first Togethertube tutorial at 8pm UK time.

Join our private film room here: https://togethertube.com/rooms/4723f04e-7e11-4e3a-b335-2240763e74fc

Remember to sign up for a Togethertube account before hand – this will allow you to choose your own username.

Now showing:
Memory 2.0 – 11 mins
Address is approximate
– 3 mins
Tears in rain (from Bladerunner)
 – 4 mins

Education and digital cultures starts today!

Owl from Blade Runner
Welcome all to EDC. It’s great to see all the twitter activity kicking off already, and to see so many of the lifestream blogs already set up and starting to come to life.

Our hope is that by the end of this course you will have gained an understanding of some of the key aspects of the study of digital culture – its interpretation within popular culture, its re-imagining of community, the rise of algorithmic culture – and to see the links between these and your work in digital education.

We also hope that the course will be fun to study : ) It’s deliberately innovative in its form – being entirely open, and with an emphasis on digital methods of presenting your work. The lifestream-blog, itself a kind of algorithmic mash-up, is intended to represent some of our core themes in its form, as well as operate as a usefully-flexible way of thinking about assessment. In a sense, the course gives you free reign and a wide palette to try stuff out, to play, think and get feedback from tutors and each other on your work.

Start this week with the overview of block 1: Cyberculture: we will be easing into the course via our film festival which gives us a chance to talk about cyberculture and popular culture in our Togethertube tutorials. The first of these is tomorrow (Tuesday 13th Jan) at 8pm.

You should also do the readings and start building content in your lifestream-blog – tweeting, blogging and generally collating thoughts and resources linking to the work you are doing this week. If anything isn’t clear, please contact your course tutor – either Sian or Jeremy – and we’ll help.

We hope you enjoy the course!