Welcome to the first Togethertube tutorial


As part of our block 1 film festival, we’re hosting the first Togethertube tutorial at 8pm UK time.

Join our private film room here: https://togethertube.com/rooms/4723f04e-7e11-4e3a-b335-2240763e74fc

Remember to sign up for a Togethertube account before hand – this will allow you to choose your own username.

Now showing:
Memory 2.0 – 11 mins
Address is approximate
– 3 mins
Tears in rain (from Bladerunner)
 – 4 mins

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the first Togethertube tutorial”

  1. Hey Siân or Jeremy, is there a way we can look at the chat from the session? Togethertube is a great tool, I really enjoyed watching!

  2. Hi Martin – I’m afraid Togethertube doesn’t allow us to archive the discussion at the moment – I agree it’s a bit of a shame, though there’s something nice about that too…

    I’m glad you enjoyed the session though – so did I – and look forward to the next one this coming friday.

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