week 1 done quiltA quick note on the lifestream-blogs as we come towards the end of our first week. I’ve been really enjoying going over them this week, and it’s great to see that they are pretty much all set up and pulling in interesting feeds.

Some general guidance on the building of the lifestreams that comes to mind:

  1. it’d be good to pull in a range of feeds, so if yours is primarily drawing in tweets, for example, you may want to look at how you can diversify it a bit
  2. it’s also great where people are making substantive blog postings on the course content too – a good strategy at this point is to plan to blog a couple of times a week (even if briefly) and then tweet the link to #mscedc so that others can see your post and comment on it
  3. related to that – if you could take a bit of time during the week to look at other people’s posts and make the odd comment, that would really help build the course community – this can be more of a challenge in a discussion board-free course like this, but when it works, it works really well!

Finally, please remember that part of the assessment requirement for this course is to write an end of week lifestream ‘reflection’ post – quoting from the course guide (page 10):

In addition, we ask you to make a blog posting at the end of every week which makes a statement about the lifestream-blog content for that week. This does not have to be long, and shouldn’t be more than 250 words, but it should itself form part of your WordPress lifestream-blog. Rather than reflecting directly on the course content (as you did in IDEL, for example), the purpose of these weekly postings is to synthesise and review the content of your lifestream. It is expected that each summary post will contain references to the content from that week.

So please make some time to do this before the end of Sunday, and have a great weekend.

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