Week 2: let the film festival continue!


It’s week 2, and the second week of our Education and Digital Cultures film festival! It has been great to see the responses on Twitter so far, including lots of fantastic references, comments and some excellent additional clips. Keep this up, our #mscedc hashtag is proving to be a superb resource for our continued explorations of digital cultures!

Once again, we’ll be hosting a Togethertube tutorial, this time towards the end of the week: Tutorial 2 is on Friday 23rd January, 10am UK time. Link to the films here and see what we have lined up for the tutorial. If you can’t make that time, do try to watch all of the films and respond in your blog or on Twitter.

The lifestream blogs are looking fantastic already, so please do continue adding different feeds this week, and exploring each other’s blog spaces. Commenting on each other’s posts is our primary way of engaging in discussion in this course, so we recommend including this in your weekly routine. Also remember that you need to write a summary of your lifestream content at the end of each week (please give this a subject line like “week 1 summary” or similar), reflecting on how it expresses and builds on the course themes, readings and activities. Unlike your blogs in IDEL, your lifestreams should play with fragments as well as longer text-based entries, and you should be looking to add either a feed item or written post every couple of days.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Week 2: let the film festival continue!”

  1. Hi Jeremy and Sian,

    Could you clarify how we should approach blog updates and rewrites? Not just minor edits to correct spelling mistakes, but adding, deleting paragraphs, moving them around. Is it okay to make substantial edits when its the same post topic?


    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for raising this. I think editing is absolutely fine, if you are altering existing content within a post. An important aspect of the lifestream is regularity and variety, so if you have new and different ideas, I’d say they are better as new posts or feed items. It is fine for posts to be partial, so I wouldn’t worry too much about polishing or editing. I think it is good to show your development through the lifestream – you can’t do that with a single edited post, but you can do it with a number of posts that build on an idea 😉 Happy to discuss further

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