Week 2 is swiftly drawing to a close…


…but there is still plenty of time to continue with the film festival, and suggest further clips through your blog or on Twitter (#mscedc). Thanks to everyone who came along to our Togethertube synchronous sessions, and contributed such fantastic readings of our selected scenes.

As we transition into week 3, it will be a good idea to try and gather your thoughts and interpretations from the films, and start to build further feeds and blog posts around these topics. How might the three themes ‘memory’, ‘machine sentience’ and ‘almost human’ relate to cyberculture more generally, as discussed in the Miller (2011) chapter, and crucially digital education itself, as discussed in Bayne (2014)?

In week 3 we will host our first Google Hangout, where we can get together and discuss the block 1 themes. Please go to the Moodle poll and choose which hangouts you would prefer to attend. There are two options in each of the hangout weeks (3, 5 and 10), so you only need to choose one for each of those weeks. Link to the poll here.

The lifestreams are looking great, keep it up! Your feeds should serve as a record of your activity across multiple social media spaces, so don’t just rely on the Twitter feed. Use IFTTT to set up multiple feeds from the different spaces you visit; for example YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicious bookmarking. There is a lot you can do with IFTTT – get in touch with Jeremy if you need a few pointers or help with feeds.

Remember to round up week 2 with a lifestream summary blog post. This should be a summary of your lifestream content, rather than a general summary of the week. We’re looking for reflections on the specific feed items you have added, what motivated you to add them, why they might be relevant to the course themes, and how they have contributed to your understanding of cybercultures and digital education.

Have a great weekend!

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