Week 3 dawns: our last of block 1

Week 3 in sugarWe’re coming towards the end of our first block of study now, before we move onto the MOOC ethnography work next week. A few things to take note of at this point:

Hangout signups Please sign up for a tutorial hangout in each of weeks 3, 5 and 10 using the Moodle polls here:

week 3
week 5
week 10

Just to make it clear: you need to sign up for 3 tutorials in total – one for each block of study. We are offering morning and evening ones in each week to try to fit as many timezones as possible.

Digital artefact At the end of this week (by Sunday) you should have created an online representation of one or more of the themes covered during this block,  using visual methods only. This might be in the form of a composite image, a YouTube video, a Flickr photostream or some other medium of your own invention. This artefact should be reviewable by peers and must feed into your lifestream-blog. Take a look at the information here to get a sense of what needs to be done, and to link to some previous examples.

This week’s tutorial In the hangout tutorials this week we’ll discuss the ideas we’ve been working with in the film festival, and focus on applying them specifically to our field of digital education. Please make sure you email Jeremy and Sian a link to your G+ profile page, so that we can get you linked into the hangout session that you’ve chosen (sian.bayne@ed.ac.uk; jeremy.knox@ed.ac.uk). Hangouts this week are offered at either Thursday 29th January: 8pm or Friday 30 Jan: 10am – sign up using the Moodle poll above.

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