Twitter analytics


Some of you may find this page of free┬áservices for analysing Twitter useful, for your work in MOOCs this block – some of these can be really handy for a quick and easy overview of what’s going on on a particular hashtag.

One that isn’t listed is Tweetarchivist, which is also good – you can try it out for free but need to pay to have a stable collection of data.

If you have any other suggestions for handy services for this block’s activities, please add them in a comment here, and/or tweet them!



One thought on “Twitter analytics”

  1. Folks, just some first impressions on Twitter Analytics. I did a ‘test run’ of Tweet Archivist for my ‘Scandinavian Film & TV Culture’ MOOC with key word search on Danish Director Lars Van Trier which resulted in 104 pages of tweets for just one week time span! I think that demonstrated to me the Jeremy’s guidance below that our ‘micro’-ethnography needs to be very narrowly focused. Cheers, PJ

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