Week 5: ethnography

Indian Dancer: From an Ethnographic MuseumThis week you should spend really getting into your chosen MOOC, and thinking about how to make sense of it ethnographically, within the constraints of our short timeframe.

It’s very exciting seeing the many different MOOCs people have chosen to investigate:

Ed – Business Transformation (EdX)
Ben – Vocal Recording Technology (EdX)
Katherine – MOOCMOOC: Critical Pedagogy
Clare – Gamification (Coursera)
PJ – Scandinavian TV and Film Culture (Coursera)
Michael – Songwriting (Coursera)
Emlyn – Powerful tools for teaching and learning: Web 2.0 tools (Coursera)
Jin – Metaliteracy (Coursera)
Nick – Programming for Everybody (Coursera)
Miles – Explore Filmmaking (Futurelearn)
Martyn – Better Leader, Richer Life (Coursera)

It’s going to be a very varied and rich group of ethnographies by the time we get to week 7!

We have a couple of hangouts this week – you only need to sign up for ONE of these – whichever best fits your schedule. If you haven’t yet done this, please sign up here on Moodle.

We will spend the hangouts talking about the unfolding ethnographies, so if you could read the Kozinets article in the core reading before coming along, that would be great.

We will also discuss any ethical concerns you have – there have been some comments in the discussion forum and on Twitter about feeling like ‘lurkers’ and ‘voyeurs’ in conducting this task, so it would be interesting to try to unpack that a bit, and think about how we balance observation with participation in this activity.

Look forward to seeing you f2f again! Just come onto G+ at the given time and we’ll invite you into the hangout.

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