Week 7: commenting on ethnographies

bricolageThis week, the main activity is to get your final ethnographic ‘snapshot’ posted up online, and to spend some time looking at each other’s work and commenting on it. We’ll be posting all the complete ethnographies here:


Jin’s and Ed’s are already up and looking good – I don’t *think* there are any others at this point (10am on Monday morning) but please let us know if we’ve missed yours! Just a reminder – please tweet the link to the final ethnography to #mscedc, and if you don’t see it appear on the page above pretty promptly, just drop Jeremy or I an email.

Please keep comments on the ethnographies on the blogs rather than in Storify/YouTube/etc – that way we can keep a fairly clear comment thread on each of the artefacts.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the snapshots coming in – I know everyone’s been working really hard on this over the last few weeks, so I think we’re going to have a really nice final gallery of work.

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