Week 10: Pulling it all together

In this final week of block 3, and the final taught week of the EDC course, we’ll be drawing together all of your work around the theme of ‘algorithmic cultures’.

Thanks to everyone who contributed so enthusiastically to our Tweetorial on Thursday and Friday (and a bit of Saturday!) last week. It was a fantastically intense torrent of critical discussion around algorithms, and it was great to see the EDC group contributing publically, and so well, to this important debate.

This week you have two principal tasks: 1) you should write a blog post that addresses the #mscedc tweet archive located here, and 2) attend a Hangout session to discuss the block themes and any assignment ideas you have. Find the week 10 page here.

For your blog post on the Tweet Archive, the questions you should be thinking about are:

  • How has the Tweet Archivist service represented our Tweetorial (Use the drop down arrows on the menu items on the right of the page: ‘Top users’, ‘Top words’, Top URLs’, Source of Tweet’ etc.)
  • What do these visualisations, summaries and snapshots say about what happened during our Tweetorial, and do they accurately represent the ways you perceived the Tweetorial to unfold, as well as your own contributions?
  • What might be the educational value or limitations of these kinds of visualisations and summaries, and how do they relate to the ‘learning’ that might have taken place during the ‘Tweetorial’?

We also have Hangouts scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 17th March at 8pm (GMT)
  • Friday 20th March at 10am (GMT)

These tutorials will be crucial for drawing the algorithmic themes to conclusion. It is also our final chance to meet as a group before you complete and submit your lifestream blogs for assessment, and begin developing ideas for your final assignment. If you have ideas for your final assignment, please bring them along to discus with the group. If you haven’t done so already, do please sign up for a session time on Moodle

Have a super final week everyone!

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