Week 11: moving towards the assignment


We are now starting the final period of assignment preparation, so there are no structured tasks for the next two weeks. This is time to get ideas together and to get feedback and input from the group in doing so, if it’s useful to you. Blogging about your ideas for the digital essay is a good way to prompt feedback from your peers. Your course tutor – Jeremy or I – are also here to help and to give guidance where useful, so please continue to use us as sounding boards too.

The final assignment is due at midnight 19 April 2015, and needs to be submitted via Moodle. Please see the Final Assignment page for more detail and the link to the Moodle submission space (this latter will be up shortly). Once all the assignments are in and marked, we’ll collect them all together in an ‘All the assignments in one place’ page. If you’d prefer yours not to be included, no problem – just let us know.

Over this next couple of weeks you also need to review your lifestream blog to make sure you’re happy with it, write your 500 word summary, and submit it (again via Moodle) no later than midnight Sunday 5 April 2015. There’s more guidance on the Lifestream Blog Submission page. Again – any queries please contact your course tutor.

Best of luck with pulling things together over these two weeks. I know a lot of good ideas are coming through already in relation to the final assignment – please do keep sharing them, with each other and with your tutor. We are really looking forward to seeing what you create.

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