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The superphone

Thanks to Jeremy’s comment on my artefact, I looked for journal articles that make links between posthumanism and education. One of the readings came across mentions a view that assigns agency not just to humans, but also to things, hence “thing power”, or “the material and symbolic power of the non-human” (Quinn, J., 2013, p749)

I found this interesting because it draws attention to the materiality of the computers we rely on when we pursue online learning. This leads to a view of education that accounts for how non-human agents influence the learning process, and that acknowledges how those objects are crucial to human learning.

The irony is that the link to posthumanism is made through the transhumanist Superman logo.

Quinn, J. (2013) Theorising learning and nature: post-human possibilities and problems, Gender and Education, 25:6, 738-753, DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2013.831811

Image sources:
iPhone 4 vector: http://www.vecteezy.com/technology/39722-iphone-4-vector
Superman logo: http://wallpaper-kid.com/superman-logo-wallpaper-1920×1080.htm