1. sbayne says:

    Jin – I do like the idea of doing something on serendipity – perhaps the format of the essay could even include an element of this through hyperlinks and other serendipity tricks….What would your ‘take’ on serendipity? It might be interesting to look at how apparent ‘luck’ online is actually determined by algorithmic ‘agency’ of one kind or another.

    I guess you’ve looked at the Serendipity Engine stuff? http://www.theserendipityengine.com/

    • jdarling says:

      Hi Sian – I’m going to use Evernote for the assignment – here is the link: https://www.evernote.com/pub/jindarling/serendipity
      The Notebook is a series of notes navigated by using the tags; I hope this encourages a browsing behaviour.
      No, I haven’t found the Serendipity Engine yet. I’ve looked at the Serend-o-matic site which was a little underwhelming. The Spotify serendipity app was really good fun, but nothing to do with literature searching, although it does demonstrate a different aspect of serendipity.
      I guess I need to come up with 2 or 3 objectives for the assignment. How about: explore the meaning of serendipity within the context of digital information searching; or, use technology to create a non-linear composition?

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