One of the most basic ways that we contribute and attempt to shape the algorithmic culture of online spaces is through quietly pressing a thumbs up or a star, we ‘like’ and ‘favourite’ and ‘upvote’. It’s a quick way to tell the counting machines that this was something worth counting.

I’ve only just noticed, there is no way to Like or Share blogs either here, or on the EDC main site.

I got used to seeing the comforting little series of avatars at the bottom of posts I’ve written, the thing that tells me I’ve said something worthwhile.

From my professional blog, Research Degree Voodoo

Along with the messy ‘lifestream’ model, this just feels like another way to do work in ‘public’ but be sure what we do is safe in the noise.

12 Jan

Live-blogging the Readings: Miller (2011)

Live-blogging the readings was something I started doing for An Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning, the first module in this course. Now, when I take notes for academic writing, I use the Cornell Method–which is analogue (handwritten on paper), atemporal...
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