18 Jan

Comment on Live-blogging the Readings: Miller (2011) by Katherine

Thanks Sian! Yes, I had some of the Sheller and Urry I had read for IDEL in mind as I was writing this, so I’ll get down to the Library and find out more! (The Wikipedia entry is very good–as it so often is for social theory).
I am also thinking about trying to read some Borges on the map and the territory (online is the map the territory?).
I haven’t quite worked out what my approach is for this semester. I’m always most interested in social history and taking a post-Marxist approach (sometimes it’s feminist, sometimes it’s post-colonial, sometimes it’s about social capital), but I find that there are so many ways of taking that further through the theoretical models I encounter in the course, so I’m trying various approaches on for size in each module.

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