18 Jan

The Signal and the Noise: Week 1 Reflection

I’ve just read through everyone else’s lifestream blog; and I came back to my own thinking about improving the reading experience. I’ve already reflected on this once, noticing the lack of like buttons, and that the ALL CAPS TWEET titles are very hard to read, plus the readings and the all the tweets, and the blogs, and vidoes…

So, this first week’s reflection is practical as much as intellectual.

Rather than reflecting directly on the course content … the purpose of these weekly postings is to synthesise and review the content of your lifestream. It is expected that each summary post will contain references to the content from that week. (EDC 15 blog).

The obvious way to do that was to look at my IFTTT analytics:

  • Instagram #mscedc, set up but never run.
    • I will start adding some visual aspects to my stream, which is currently very text and hyperlink heavy.
  • WordPress comments, run 5 times (and failed 3).
    • I read through everyone else’s blogs. There was a great variety, from people who hadn’t even started, to people who had beautifully crafted lifestreams.
    • The theme I’m currently running was used by PJ, and I really liked it’s clean design. I also liked Ed’s use of his graphic design background, and Nick’s use of Pinterest. (And I said so in their comments).
    • I was grateful for Sian’s useful comments on my blog.
  • Twitter #mscedc, run 26 times.
    • I tweet a lot (43 non-#mscedc posts since 12 Jan).
    • So I have changed my IFTTT recipe to “If new tweet by @katrinafee with hashtag #mscedcls, then create a post on your WordPress blog”.  This allows me to talk to the #mscedc group seperately from posting on this blog, so we don’t drown in tweets here.

3 thoughts on “The Signal and the Noise: Week 1 Reflection

  1. Katherine, your analysis of your own Lifestream activity and issues is very instructive. I am still struggling with my Twitter ’embed code not available’ issue, but appreciate your kind support and suggestions. I did post Week 1 reflection/summary, but as you note above, I think it was supposed to be more like your synthesis and analysis focused on my weekly Lifestream learning experience. So, I will probably add another blog post which is more Lifetream focused. Thanks again for peer support.

    • Thanks PJ. I’m now having an issue with trying to get my IFFT to work for Instagram–I get the comment, but not the picture, so you aren’t alone! I’m so pleased we have a chance to learn from each other on this course!

  2. Hi Katherine
    I really like your take on the reflection – and it’s put me in mind to run some of the same analytics with my blog. Like you, I tweet a lot and feel comfortable with that, but could definitely do with branching out a bit more into some of the other mediums!

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