25 Jan

Week 2 Reflection: Sound and some fury

This week we went from ALL THE TWEETS to ALL THE COMMENTS, including, in a moment of inception,  a comment on a comment, that when I looked at the html to clean up the tagging went

<a title=”Permalink to Comment on Comment on #mscedc How come this doesn’t count as cyborg-wear? by Katherine by Old-fashioned cyborgs | Katherine’s EDC blog” href=”http://edc15.education.ed.ac.uk/kfirth/2015/01/25/comment-on-comment-on-mscedc-how-come-this-doesnt-count-as-cyborg-wear-by-katherine-by-old-fashioned-cyborgs-katherines-edc-blog/” rel=”bookmark”>Comment on Comment on #mscedc</a>”

I’m enjoying the collaborative-ness of blogging in public, even as continue to feel my work is being hidden in a cloud of white noise.

I’m now up to 56 posts, including 29 comments. I posted something to the blog every day but Saturday. That’s a lot of posts. (By contrast, a blog I’ve been working on for two years has less than double that).

Every time I try to read my lifestream, I feel vertiginous (or sea sick… there is a literal queasiness to it).

The tag links aren’t working on the blog, so trying to see what I posted under ‘Weekly Reflections’ or tagged ‘Blade Runner’ isn’t working. Instead, I get a page that says:

Oops! That page can’t be found.

The noise refuses to be ordered into any kind of ordered sound.


Some things aren’t quite there yet.

I tried to post from Instagram, but I couldn’t get the picture to display. I’ve asked for help, so next week might be less text heavy.

I also can’t find my analytics on the dashboard. I love that on my other blogs I can see that people are reading from all over the world. Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.08.57 pm

Today, much to my surprise, Research Degree Voodoo is big in Brazil.

One thought on “Week 2 Reflection: Sound and some fury

  1. Katherine, I’ll investigate what’s going on with the tagging, and also the analytics issue – thanks for raising these and sorry to hear about the noise…

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