2 Feb

Picking a MOOCMOOC

The MOOC I have selected to analyse is MOOCMOOC: Critical Pedagogy. The MOOC runs from Jan 19-Feb 27 2015, and is described as “a mini- micro- meta-MOOC about MOOCs“.

[It] leaves behind the traditional LMS-based “course” model of the MOOC, and will be left to roam wild, free, and grass-fed on the web. Once each week, we’ll hold a hashtag chat on Twitter using #MOOCMOOC. We’ll also hold a series of Google Hangouts On Air featuring guests from the field and from our community.

Unlike our previous MOOCs, this one will have homework. Or, more precisely, MOOC MOOC: Critical Pedagogy will be a massive open online book club.

I’ll be joining the group just as they start to read Giroux, On Critical Pedagogy. It’s in the University of Melbourne Library, so I must go and check it out, (I find I read non-fiction books much more easily in paper, though I’m happy to read fiction or articles electronically). But, as always, the instant access of ebooks makes study so much easier. (I have already opened the first page of the book, without leaving my desk).

I wanted to study a MOOC where I would learn from the content as well as the ethnography, and I’m personally attracted to a community, public, ‘grass-fed’ MOOC, even as I wonder if it would work.

3 thoughts on “Picking a MOOCMOOC

  1. This is a great MOOC to work with Katherine – Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris are really interesting commentators on all things digital education. I particularly enjoy Jesse’s Hybrid Pedagogy blog.

    I guess this is going to be a fairly free and open MOOC space, you will need to develop quite a constrained brief regarding what you are going to look at and where you will spend your time. You may need to just focus on a day or two of the Twitter feed, for example, or a couple of hangouts. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. Katherine, I look forward to reading your MOOCMOOC ethnography blog to learn how you keep it all straight, which I am confident that you will do. I was inclined to sign up for either of two recent Cousera MOOCs, one on “E-learning Ecologies” or another on “Web 2.0 Tools,” but I was afraid that I would confuse myself between EDC learning objectives and the MOOC learning objective, so I opted for a unrelated MOOC on Scandinavian Film. There might be a dissertation topic in this “mini-micro-meta” MOOC realm since it seems like a relatively new sub-field.

  3. Thanks for the good advice Sian, I think that’s a good (and doable) plan!
    PJ–Scandinavian film sounds like fun, and will help feed lots of diverse audio-visual and multi-media content into your blog!

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