5 Feb

After the Hangout: What about post-human pedagogy?

Classrooms are already post-human.

Classrooms are already post-human.


I’ve worked out my discomfort with post-human teaching.

Students are already de-centred in the classroom. (I was reading bell hoooks & thinking about this). They are already understood as “happy robots” (to quote Paul Giroux). They already write & learn for machine marking (in SATS and Turnitin). They post-human classroom is here & it’s not a good classroom: not good for teachers, or learners, or communities. Not good for emploers, or knowledge transfer, or thinking. Not good for critical pedagogies, democracies, industries.

What is central are computerized systems of control:
The PowerPoint
The laptop note taking.

I have radical lectures … where I don’t use PowerPoint. That’s what’s radical. That’s ridiculous.

We need to be post-post-human in the classroom. To re-centre the student & the teacher & the things we are learning about.

We may consider centring the earth, animals, systems or objects, but we must stop centring the technologies.

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