11 Feb

Live Blogging the Readings: Hine (2000)

Hine, C, (2000) “The virtual objects of ethnography” from Hine, C, Virtual Ethnography pp.41-66, London: Sage

Recently, I have noticed that I am using a lot of screenshots or other forms of embedding digital material from outside the blog, either from the open web or from paywalled downloads. This is a form of digital collage, and (like modernist collage and d├ęcoupage), involves a mix of automated and manual material.

I’ve also noticed I’ve done a lot less hyperlinked text than I normally would do. I would typically hyperlink words in the first sentence to examples from the previous weeks. I would hyperlink words in the second sentence to examples and explanations or definitinons.

I’ll have to think about why.

Anyway, on to another assemblage of reading snippets.


Hines (2010), p.41

Hine (2000), p.41

Hines (2010), p.44

Hine (2000), p.44

Hines (2010), p. 46

Hine (2000), p. 46

HInes (2010), p.61

HIne (2000), p.61

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