16 Feb

Reflection of Week 5

What didn’t happen

Usually I spend Thursday and Sunday focusing on my studies, but this week work ramped up, so I feel really behind.  This post is late,  I couldn’t make either of the Hangouts, and the Twitter roundup didn’t happen this week.

What did happen

This week was intellectually quite heavy, and there were two readings that I live-blogged as I try to get my head around ethnography. There was then a long reflection blog where I discussed my struggles around the whole genre of a mini-ethnography. Finally, there was a post where I explored what a more quantitative analysis might give us, using one of the Twitter analytics tools and some very brief network analysis.

On the Lifestream side, I looked at the MOOCMOOC Scoop.it page, and their live hangout. I also played with a new collage tool on my iPad–thinking about nostalgia, the digital, manual, ethnographies (native/indigenous terminologies).

Looking forward

Being so busy, I thought a couple of times this week that I’d like to get IFTTT back up and running. I need to rethink how I’ll use it, so that it does what I’d like it to, but I’m hoping to have some of it back in my stream in the next week.

I might also do a Storify of my Twitter over the last few days.

O-Week starts next week, so I’m going to have to think about balancing my studies when the students are back.

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