15 Mar

Week 9 reflection

On Friday, I sent out the first published version of the tutorial timetable, the task that marks the end of the worst part of my job.

Every semester, there are three weeks that are absolute hell: O-week to the end of week 2. Week 3 is busy, but less stressful. Every year, I make sure I see my friends before O-week starts, and then tell them I’ll see them again in a month.

This blog has had the same problem. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, but it’s been out of synch, late, or patchy.

I’ve updated the things I was supposed to have done, or had started but not published, in week 8 only this weekend, as we turn the corner into week 9. I managed a couple of tweets in the tweetorial (and neither of them had space for the hashtag, #fail).

I did have a fascinating conversation with Nicholas and Jeremy earlier:


I had trouble finding an algorithim I could play with, so after a few abortive attempts, I finally worked out I could look at Twitter’s Discovery timeline. I commented on Jin’s and PJ’s bogs.

Posting less often means that some of my posts have been longer. I’ve been continuing to document the places where I study (and increasingly, the food I eat as I study), including my first video:

Anyway, week 3 is coming up. Busy, but no longer crazy. Hopefully that means I’ll have a chance to catch up.

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