29 Jan

Visual Artifact

I’ve found drawing out my ideas can help me make connections. I used Paper by 53 throughout IDEL to make visual artifacts (as well as video, still life photography etc), and wanted to keep up the practice. Here’s a visual artifact about the history of writing I drew.

I then shared it on 53’s social sharing site, Mix.

A history of writing, by Katherine Firth

A history of writing, by Katherine Firth

The history is not chronological, but concurrent. History is always now for those who read it.

The quartered page suggests a map or survey (as we have previously discussed). It might be a cartoon, with a narrative. Of the pages of a chapbook, before they are folded. Or it might be a collection, a cabinet of curiosities (like Jen’s visual artifact from 2009). Or it might be a storyboard, the preparation for a video (to become somehthing like James’ artifact from 2010). Or it might be a digital-vintage-nostlagic pinboard (like Carol’s artifact from 2011).

I enjoyed remixing photographs, clay carvings, and etchings into drawings and ‘watercolours’ using a digital medium. I couldn’t find my stylus, so I drew and wrote with my finger: very low/high tech!


Sources for the images:

What is a Chapbook? University of South Carolina Library

Lo Zibaldone di Telemaco Signorini. Archimagazine.

Mesopotamian Scribe. Aidokkan.

Pencil Stylus by 53. Campsite.


26 Jan

Live-blogging the readings: Hand (2008)

Live-blogging the readings continues with: Hand, Martin, (2008) “Hardware to everyware: Narratives of promise and threat”, Making digital cultures : access, interactivity, and authenticity pp.15-42, Aldershot: Ashgate Pages 15-19 are a great overview of some of the debates we’ve already...
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19 Jan

Live-blogging the Readings: Bayne (2015)

Live-blogging the readings progresses with: Sian Bayne (2015) What’s the matter with ‘technology-enhanced learning’?, Learning, Media and Technology, 40:1, 5-20, DOI: 10.1080/17439884.2014.915851 I remember enjoying the Bayne articles that I read last year, so I’m going into this with some...
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18 Jan

Reflecting on TogetherTube Film Festival 1

Screenshot from 'Address is Approximate' by The Theory: http://vimeo.com/32397612
On Wednesday morning at 7am (Australian Eastern Seaboard Summer Time) I sat up in bed with my laptop and joined in the mini-film festival using TogetherTube. The films we watched were: Memory 2.0 – 11 mins Address is approximate – 3 mins Tears...
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