18 Jan

Reflecting on TogetherTube Film Festival 1

Screenshot from 'Address is Approximate' by The Theory: http://vimeo.com/32397612
On Wednesday morning at 7am (Australian Eastern Seaboard Summer Time) I sat up in bed with my laptop and joined in the mini-film festival using TogetherTube. The films we watched were: Memory 2.0 – 11 mins Address is approximate – 3 mins Tears...
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12 Jan

Live-blogging the Readings: Miller (2011)

Source: http://www.observatoriofucatel.cl/la-necesidad-de-un-diario-publico/
Live-blogging the readings was something I started doing for An Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning, the first module in this course. Now, when I take notes for academic writing, I use the Cornell Method–which is analogue (handwritten on paper), atemporal...
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