30 Jan

Death of a cyborg

Remixing high art and sci-fi culture. Via Pinterest.

by Shorra after Bouguereau

by Shorra after Bouguereau

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Mourning; http://www.shorra.com/p217174063/h4e700222#h4e700222

The original depicts the moment when Adam and Eve mourn the murder of their son Abel (by their other son, Cain). What does it do to the picture to have the first humans mourn a cyborg? The cyborg’s body is much more mutilated than the human body in the original–partly to show that he isn’t actually a human, but perhaps suggesting more.

18 Jan

Reflecting on TogetherTube Film Festival 1

Screenshot from 'Address is Approximate' by The Theory: http://vimeo.com/32397612
On Wednesday morning at 7am (Australian Eastern Seaboard Summer Time) I sat up in bed with my laptop and joined in the mini-film festival using TogetherTube. The films we watched were: Memory 2.0 – 11 mins Address is approximate – 3 mins Tears...
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12 Jan

Live-blogging the Readings: Miller (2011)

Source: http://www.observatoriofucatel.cl/la-necesidad-de-un-diario-publico/
Live-blogging the readings was something I started doing for An Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning, the first module in this course. Now, when I take notes for academic writing, I use the Cornell Method–which is analogue (handwritten on paper), atemporal...
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