You haven’t lived until you’ve died in a MUD

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from Martyn Peters

“You haven’t lived until you’ve died in a MUD”

This quote caught my eye from one of the readings, and it’s incredible that only 40 years on, the interactive online world has transformed so much. If we compare the original Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) to the World of Warcraft today we can see a world of difference. The MUD originated at the University of Essex in the 70s, funnily enough the same university I studied my BA in American Studies at.

I guess this is relevant to the course as the complexity/engagement of online interactions that is now possible allows us to be so much more enveloped and present. It also raises questions for me when looking at the MOOC I am involved in. How can we harness the type of engagement Second Life/World of Warcraft offers and inject it into MOOCs. I feel like the fandom/levels of engagement are what is perhaps lacking in the delivery of MOOCs, their slickness, high quality videos, and professional sheen are all wonderful, yet they lack something in their engagement. The real and most interesting interaction is going on in the forums, especially the Spanish speaking one.


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