Week 9 Summary

facebook_conn_image_976x462Facebook map of the world from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11989723

Looking at the use of algorithms and the danger they pose by placing you in a ‘filter bubble’, has been greatly engaging this week. The idea that there are algorithms in place in all areas of online interaction that are working to build up a profile of us as users is also interesting, there seems to be two tensions here.

One is the consumer profile and making sure that we are exposed to specific adverts that we may be interested in, and the second is, as above, the idea of the ‘filter bubble’, there is a chance we may not be exposed to a particular political point of view, a piece of important news, or new discovery.

Another interesting issue is how can algorithms be used in education? How can we harness the power of the algorithm in order to improve courses/content that appeals to online learners.

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