I just started the MSc in Digital Education last year with the IDEL course. I’m looking forward to learning about the relevance and impact of digital culture on education, and how we can implement this understanding in education.

I currently work at a high-school where I teach  College Readiness and American Literature/Social Studies courses. I am also the Director of International Relations at a primary/secondary school and as you can imagine, almost always have a lot to do!

I live in the south of Mexico City, near Coyoacán, a neighbourhood that was home to Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky among others. It is also home to the Cineteca Nacional, Mexico’s answer to the BFI. It’s a wonderful, bohemian, historic zone and we’re very happy to live here.

You can reach me at:

Twitter: @teachermartyn

Google+: speters@up.edu.mx

Pinterest: pinterest.com/scientificuk/

Skype: martyn_peters

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