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Week 7 Summary

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Week 7 continued the investigation into the MOOC, collecting more information and seeing how the group was collaborating via Skype and in the forum. I talked to various group members over Skype and the level of collaboration in the Spanish forum was very interesting. Whether this interaction was due to the course being imparted in English and propelled by the fact that they wanted to clarify certain things in their native language is something that could definitely be put forward for further study.

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And so it begins… MOOC ethnography

I just signed up for…

Better Leader, Richer Life

… and to be honest, it seems like a really interesting/engaging course. I’m looking forward to interacting with my peers on the course and I just had one of my tweets favourite by the course instructor.



Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.34.22 AMI’m looking forward to our hangout tomorrow in order to get tooled up in ethnographic approaches to the MOOC, meanwhile, I’ll continue to investigate and dig deeper in the forums.

Technology: Servitude and slavery, humanising and dehumanising.

One of the most terrible facets of eighteenth and nineteenth slavery in the Americas was the constant and continual campaign to dehumanise slaves. Frederick Douglass in his book The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, describes the horrifying, dehumanising actions taken by slave holders. The text served as a great tool for emancipation and highlighted both the effects on slave and slave holder alike of such savage treatment of another human.

When looking at cinema’s take on technology (cyborgs, robots, and dystopian futures), we are usually presented with technology that is humanised in some way. Servile technology that rebels (Bladerunner, Westworld), technology taking on human characteristics (2001, A Space Odyssey, I, Robot), and technology that enslaves (The Matrix, Terminator). What are the roots of our relation to technology and human characteristics?