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Week 10 Summary

It has been a little bit difficult, due to work commitments and the busy period just before Easter, to maintain the posts to the lifestream/blog. I have been looking at topics and themes for the final assignment and will most likely focus on algorithmic culture and the art created by Emilio Chapela. Chapela has an exhibition at the Museo de Arte Carillo Gil here in Mexico City, and I would like to investigate themes and links to the EDC course from his body of work on show.


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Week 8 Summary

After finally completing the netnography, I found it a really useful and interesting first step to a more in-depth analysis of MOOCs and their social structure. As educators, in order to really evaluate the usefulness of technology, we should really deconstruct what is going on in MOOCs. This exercise opened my eyes to what we were doing on a social level, and how knowledge was being shared and formed by smaller groups, the concepts of xMOOC and cMOOC explored by Bonnie Stewart also opened my eyes to the effectiveness of these two different approaches to MOOCs.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, it’s been difficult to write and explore these themes here in depth.

Stewart, B., (2013). Massiveness + Openness = New Literacies of Participation? MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Technology, 9(2), 2013.


Week 7 Summary

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Week 7 continued the investigation into the MOOC, collecting more information and seeing how the group was collaborating via Skype and in the forum. I talked to various group members over Skype and the level of collaboration in the Spanish forum was very interesting. Whether this interaction was due to the course being imparted in English and propelled by the fact that they wanted to clarify certain things in their native language is something that could definitely be put forward for further study.

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Week 6 Review

I signed up for Better Leader, Richer Life from @pennopencourses! https://t.co/SAJJWYiJTd via @coursera #MSCEDC
from Delicious http://ift.tt/N05WpR

I chose this particular MOOC for my ethnography as it appealed to the situation I am currently living, I seem to not have time for anything! Better Leader, Richer Life seemed like a rock-star style program. Offered by the prestigious, Ivy League, Wharton business school it promised to help you re-address the work-life balance and take a whole new approach. After the first week’s lectures I really got into the course. I enjoyed the video lectures and the almost guru-like figure of Stewart D. Friedman, projected through the course. I introduced myself in the forums and made explicit what my plans were for the mini-ethnography. I felt a little bit guilty, as only people going through the introductory forum would know my intentions. If they hadn’t checked back they wouldn’t know that I was there observing. I was also an active participant, I didn’t lurk around the site, I engaged with the Spanish speaking groups and also posted in the introductory forum.


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