#mscedc Unsuprising in some ways, but ‘Celebrity’/ ‘Entertainment’ 50% of ‘Education’? QuillConnect – Miles Prowse https://t.co/2pqqZcB0ue

from Twitter https://twitter.com/mychioiles

March 05, 2015 at 05:04PM

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  1. What did you feel about this report Miles? To me feels like the QuillConnect algorithm is designed to make us feel ‘good’ about our Twitter presence, as long as we’re oriented around some kind of notion of ‘positivity’ and playing the game as a ‘successful’ Twitter user (is your profile filled in? are you using the most influential hashtags?). Are we being ‘disciplined by algorithms’?

  2. Hi Sian, Thanks for your really instructive comment. I’ve created a new post in response. Hope you are having a good week end after quite a week! Inspiration for us all.

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