Final Assignment, First Pass (or so)

More on this to follow, but this week has mainly been about being out in the field, capturing some final, student (participant feedback) reflective interviews, from a digital video (documentary programme making) project which I have been working on for a year. This has been with a group of language students here in Tokyo. Additionally I have been reviewing  video content created by the student group, from over the year and also researching a parallel project to mine here in Tokyo. All of this has been extremely important and  formative in developing a title for my final assignment, which I have been discussing with Sian Bayne, who has been a great  source of advice and help.

For my final assignment then, (and I need to credit Sian with refinements made here, and indicated below) I would like to critique the video project described above, set within the broader context of digital audio video (visual) culture, and assess the implications of media (video) creation for the formation of community within language learning contexts. Notions of the associated ‘ecologies’ and networks within the group are also taken to be relevant here, in explaining how the learning tasks (associated with improved speaking and listening) came to be performed successfully, in terms of a significant improvement in fluency and accuracy, confidence and effective communicative interaction generally in L2.

Below is the final video which the group produced very recently, which will be one important anchor for my assignment:

For me today has largely been about identifying initial key texts for the assignment outlined above (please see my lifestream Delicious posts below), and of course reading. Tomorrow I hope to post with some comments with respect to these preliminary texts and an assignment title.

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