3 thoughts on “Is anyone else getting a whole bunch of spam on their lifestream? Any ideas on how to limit this? #mscedc

  1. Hi Nick,

    Yes its annoying! There are things we could do with WordPress to limit spam, but they would also have the unfortunate effect of potentially stopping other people commenting (such as limiting commenting to Edinburgh students, or having a Captcha). I know that we’re not overwhelmed with public interest in the course, but I guess were cautious of doing things that would limit that, as openness is one of the core ideas for EDC. Marking it as ‘spam’ within wordpress is a good way of helping them to combat spam more generally, but I know this gets in the way. Given that a lot of spam is probably automatically generated, I wonder if this is an opportunity to link your troubles with spam to the course themes…? :)

    • The ‘spam’ algorithm is not working for me. I have been plagued by variations of the same 2 messages for the last week. It has gotten to the point where I have had to turn off notifications as my email account was getting deluged by them :(

  2. Sorry about this everyone – I have been getting it too – very annoying. I have put in a request for help to Stuart, our IT support colleague, and will get back on this asap.

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