3 thoughts on “Are we nothing more than our analog and digital traces?Is education, ultimately, learning to claim and preserve our essential self(selves)?”

  1. Hi PJ, it’s great to see you again!

    Your Twitter embed codes aren’t quite working–I suspect the code that isn’t quite right is in the IFFT Create a Post in WordPress bit, in the ‘Body’ field write:
    from http://twitter.com/{{UserName}}
    via IFTTT

    (I’ll tweet you a screenshot, in case it helps!)

    1. Katherine, thanks for advice and screenshot. Yes, I have been fumbling and frustrated with IFTTT and my Worldpress Blog page. My tweets on blog indicate ’embed code not available.’
      I will try to fix based on your advice. On my Blog, you said you liked my theme, but that has also been ‘discovery’ learning. I think it is now inadvertently Box theme, not what I intended so will continue to try to fix this page.
      I lost my sidebars and trying to figure out how to show the image. Anyway, thanks for caring, gives me some motivation. I have been o verge of giving up. Cheers

    2. Katherine, do I need those brackets? I thought that might be the problem. Your screenshot did not seem to have brackets around User Name. Also, I think my recipe was not published, so I published now, but still not showing on my blog.

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