Welcome to the #mscedc Tweetorial!


Over the next two days (Thursday 12th March and Friday 13th March) we’ll be engaging in some intensive tweeting around the themes of ‘algorithmic cultures’ from weeks 8 and 9 of the course. Below is the list of questions we’ll be posing on Twitter, so look out for tweets from Sian or Jeremy and respond with the #mscedc hashtag.

  1. What do we give to algorithms, and what do we receive in return?
  2. How might ‘recommendation algorithms’ be used in education?
  3. What are the key ethical issues introduced by algorithmic cultures in education?
  4. How can educational research benefit from an interrogation of algorithms?
  5. What might be the drawbacks of basing educational decisions on Learning Analytics?
  6. Who controls algorithms, and where can we situate their ‘agency’?
  7. In what ways are we ‘disciplined’ by algorithms?

After the Tweetorial we’ll be considering what Tweetarchivist has made of our conversations. What might this ‘algorithmic summary’ say about our engagement with the block 3 themes? Can’t wait to find out! Happy tweeting…

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